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2017 Bieszczady guided walking tours

Price: £ 600 Dates: any – up to Tourists Details: click Miscellanea

2017 Gorce – Pieniny guided walking tour from Rabka to Niedzica

Price: £ 500 Dates: 3-8.07.2017 & 17-22.07.2017 Enrollment deadlines: 3.04.2017 & 17.04.2017 Details: click Miscellanea


2017 Bieszczady guided walking tour and Horse Trekking

Price: £ 500 Dates: 7-12.08.2017 & 21-26.08.2017 Enrollment deadlines: 7.05.2017 & 21.05.2017 Details: click Miscellanea


2017 Yachting and Sightseeing – Masurian Lake District and Malbork Castle

Price: £ 600 Date: 3-10.09.2017 Enrollment deadline: 3.06.2017 Details: click Miscellanea



Go to Miscellanea to read what tourist attractions - UNIQUE ON EUROPEAN SCALE! - you can see and visit in Poland.


Destination Poland specializes in theme trips to Poland. Here are the examples:

  • UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage Places,
  • UNESCO Biosphere Reserves,
  • Historic Sites in World Industrial Heritage List,
  • Industrial Museums in World Industrial Heritage List,
  • Teutonic Poland – castles, battlefields, battle reconstructions,
  • World Wars places – fortresses, bunkers,
  • Nicolaus Copernicus – life, work, discoveries,
  • Frederic Chopin – life, music, concerts,
  • The Pope John Paul II – life,
  • Health-resorts, spas,
  • Jews in Poland – towns, museums and the place of extermination,
  • Ancient metallurgy and links to Roman Empire,
  • Horse trekking, mountain climbing, canoeing, yachting, etc.,
  • Castles and Palaces,
  • others.

kościółAbout us
Destination Poland presents and provides access to Polish tourist attractions and services.


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Tourists decide when and how to pay. Tourists are provided with the arrangements for security for the money paid over.

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kościółHow we work
Destination Poland specializes in theme trips to Poland.

All our products are tailor made services for individuals and for groups of tourists.
Go to Miscellanea to read about unique Polish tourist attractions.

Simply – tell us what you want to do in Poland and we will make it come true.


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