kościółHow we work
Destination Poland specializes in theme trips to Poland.

All our products are tailor made services for individuals and for groups of tourists.
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Simply – tell us what you want to do in Poland and we will make it come true.



Destination Poland prepares Tourist's stay in the territory of Poland (during the preparation stage) and takes care of Tourist's stay in the territory of Poland (during the execution stage). Destination Poland also provides consulting services on Polish tourist attractions/other Poland-related matters and cooperates with tour operators and travel agents.

1. The preparation stage

Simply go to Pre-Booking Form or Contact and fill in the form which will help us assess your tourist needs as for:

  • places of interest - what you want to see, visit and do in Poland or where you want to go,
  • standards of accommodation – with all the possible details, every need will be taken into account,
  • standards of transport – with all the possible details, every need will be taken into account,
  • menu - you can either rely on Polish cuisine or prepare your own. Special needs (eg. diabetes menus) will be taken into account,
  • maximum prices or relation between price and quality,
  • others.

When in the mountains Destination Poland will be responsible for choosing places of accommodation and tourist trails.



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How much time will the preparation stage take?

The preparation stage will take max. the same amount of time as the length of your stay in Poland.

Important notice:
As for qualified forms of tourism in Polish mountains – the preparation stage will have to be started (it does not affect its duration) at least three months before your arrival.
For other qualified forms of tourism – one month before your arrival.


What will Destination Poland do during the preparation stage?

Our duties will include:
Preparation and making reservations of: tourist attractions you will be going to take advantage of, tickets, guides (it is against the Polish law not to have a licensed guide in certain situations – adequate acts of Polish parliament will be presented to you on request), English – Polish interpreter (unless you will have your own), accommodation, transport, menu, emergencies, etc., due to your orders and suggestions.

We will keep you informed about the necessity of possessing valid journey documents and travel insurance.

You will be also asked to cooperate with us via e-mail – to consider the oncoming  information (eg. photos, descriptions) about your orders and suggestions.


2. The execution stage

This stage means:
24 – hour – care in the territory of Poland.
Implementation, supervising and controlling of: itinerary, tickets, guides, interpreter (unless you have your own), accommodation, transport, menu, etc.
Reacting in emergencies.



3. Consulting services


The way of cooperating with Customer will be determined individually.



4. Cooperation with tour operators or travel agents


The way of cooperating with tour operators or travel agents will be determined individually.